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         About us
We are a professional team of African Hair Braiders, specializing in all types of braids and have many years of experience in hair styling. Our mission is to get your hair looking and feeling the best ever, and keeping it that way for a long time. During our free consultation, we will give you our professional opinion on picking the right style, right size, and right hair color for you.


Caring for Your Braids
Below is a list of Do's and Dont's for the maintenance of your new style. If you follow these directions and use the products we recommend, you should be able to maintain your style without any problems

1. Always wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before braiding it.

2. The best style is the one you really love. As an art, the braids can be styled in so many different designs

3. The texture of your natural hair should be taken in consideration when choosing the color of your braids..

4. The smaller the braids are, the longer they take to do, also longer they last (corn rows can last for 2 weeks and micro braids up to 3 months).

5. The number of packs to use is limited for any style, no more than 3 packs for pony hair, 4 packs for synthetic or 2 packs for human hair.

6. When the hair is burned on the ends, it could irritate the skin when it comes in contact with. (do it by the shoulder). It could also damage clothing as well.

7. Tie your braids down every night with a silk or satin scarf.

8. Continue to oil your scalp at least once a week.

9. Spray your entire head with oil sheen daily..

10. Spritz the braided portion of your hair once every other week.

11. Wet & Wavy clients should use some type of waving solution on the loose hair and braid into 2 plaits overnight.

12. Straight hair clients should use wig brush and oil sheen to remove tangles.

13. If you have weak or damaged hair, a leave in conditioner applied to your scalp at least once a week should help repair any problems.

14. Do not forget your monthly touch-ups to avoid breakage!!!!

15. Please keep in mind that excess scratching will cause breakage and lessen time of style.
                    Braid Removal

We provide braids removal service but if you chose to do it by yourself here are few tips ! Cut the hair where it is glued/burned. Saturate the hair with water. Apply a generous amount of extra thick conditioner and oil to the entire head. With a rat tail comb, remove braids 5 at a time. With every section of braids, comb out dirt from root and completely detangle each section. After entire head is done, shampoo, condition and give yourself a hot oil treatment (if needed). Do not be alarmed if you see ′a lot′ of hair in your comb. Hair sheds on a daily basis--although you are wearing it braided, it will continue to do its natural process. So be very careful in removing your braids to avoid unnecessary damage.